I was pretty skeptical about the new Uncharted entry, Golden Abyss, for Vita. The multitude of fighter games like Street Fighter x Tekken and Playstation All-Stars currently at my disposal on this system caused Drake to be thrown to the sidelines. I have to admit though: it’s a win.

I have already discovered that I like the controls on the Vita more than the PS3, if you can believe that, due to difference in playing Playstation All-Stars on each system. Somehow, Sony has finally engineered the shoulder buttons just right leaving me with the debate on if the DualShock really need two sets in the first place but I digress. The addition of the gyro used for aiming (more aim correction than true aiming) is an inspired move and makes fire fights that much easier.

The story is just as engaging as that of a full fledged Drake adventure, and the graphics are pretty dang awesome.

If I didn’t get this for free with my Playstation Plus membership, I would have glades shelled out the bucks for it.

It’s a must play if you haven’t already.

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